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Private label cat litter manufacturers:

We are tofu cat litter manufacturer, tofu cat litter factory, tofu litter supplier, welcome tofu kitty litter brand owners, tofu litter cat distributors, soy cat litter distributors, Pet Supplies Merchants etc. to inquire about tofu kitty litter production business. OEM business is our main business, providing private label service for tofu cat litter, as long as you are interested in tofu kitty litter, please contact us.

We produce the best tofu cat litter, and at the same time, in order to satisfy different customers, I also manufacture soy cat litter that suits your local market needs. We have been producing soy cat litter for 6 years, during these 6 years, we have better control the quality of soy cat litter, and our R&D department has more research. The tofu cat litter produced has been tested by SGS, a Swiss testing company, and has also been well received by users.(tofu cat litter reviews)

In addition to tofu cat litter, our products also have a separate carboard scratcher production workshop to provide our customers with high-quality cat scratchers.