Sustainability —Ts Pet

Environmental and Safety Commitments

Our commitment to be more efficient and responsible is reflected in the extensive work we do to make our businesses more environmentally friendly, safer and more sustainable. And develops technologies that expand the sustainable capacity of our world.

Sustainable Opportunity Policy

Our Sustainable opportunity policy  is based on the principle that by integrating health, safety and environmental considerations into all aspects of our business, TS pet protects its people, communities and the environment; achieves sustainable growth and accelerated productivity; drives compliance with all applicable regulations.

Disney Supplier

Disney (Japan) supplier of cat scratcher.

Energy & Climate

Our cat litter is plant-based litter, which is natural and eco-friendly.

Operations&Human Rights

Each year,we keep over many worker safer and more productive with our factory service.

SGS Certificate

.Our products are inspected by SGS and get the certificate

BV Certificate

Our products are inspected by BV and get the certificate

Customer Service

Our service team is happy to help you solve the problem

Our Factory Introduction

Qingdao Tianshuo (ts) pet products Co., Ltd is an environmental production factory specializing in the production of pea cat litter, tofu cat litter, cat scratcher and cat house. The natural environmental protection”factory, designing/manufacturing/researching and developing/selling/packing and printing and storaging etc. All well combined in it. Regular and qualified export factory registered in China.

The OEM business is well developed and can meet the requirements of different customers. The international business is booming, and our products are exported to Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong etc. And established a good relationship with client. And also, please notice to welcome to our booth for each pet fair exhibition. Like: Pet fair Asia; Thailand internationan pet vatiety; Korea pet show etc.

Follow is the develop progress of our company:

2021: CosTco wholesale factory inspection is underway to further standardize factories.

2020: We are with our customers in the special year.

2018-2019: Introduce advanced production equipment, increase three production lines,

Expand production capacity,

2017: Ts successfully became the first batch domestic enterprise with export commodity inspection qualification.

2016: Qingdao Tianshuo pet products Co., Ltd(TS) was established for high-quality pet pea and tofu cat litter. We adopted two lovely cats, Miaodou and Gala, anlished d registered the patent of Miao dou brand.

2015: Passed the factory inspection of Disney, and provided Disney with nearly 10 OEM different types of cat scratch boards for sale in Japan.

2014: Cat house and cat disc toy, which were deeply loved by consumers in Korea and Europe.

2013: Our company started the production and sales of cat scratcher and cat house.

2012: Qingdao Tianshuo Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd established, mainly engaged in packaging bags, cartons.

Certificate Display

Disney Japan, SGS(Switzerland) ,BV(France) ,
Air transport report(China)