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tofu litter cat

What is tofu cat litterProducts?what is cat litter sand? From litter types for cats, first of all, it is a kind of cat litter. According to the main raw materials of cat litter, there are generally bentonite cat litter, crystal cat litter (silica litter), and biodegradable cat litter (wheat litter,paper litter, pine litter, grass litter, walnut litter, etc.). Tofu cat litter is also a biodegradable cat litter.

So what is tofu cat litter made of? , its main raw materials are the food-grade pulp of soybeans (same as tofu that you eat), and vegetable starch, and guar gum etc.

pea and soy
pea and soy

how is cat litter made? it is made through raw materials Mixing, compression molding,( cylinder-shaped granules), then drying and sterilizing at high temperature, after cooling, dusting, and finally bagging.
In addition to the functions of ordinary cat litter, tofu cat litter has its own characteristics:

  1. First of all, it is light in weight and can be easily handled by women.
  2. Secondly, it has almost no dust, (but the friction in packaging and transportation, it will also have a little dust).
    3.It has safe ingredients and is the best environmentally friendly cat litter, which does not pollute the environment.
  3. It is easy to clean up, tofu cat litter dissolves in water, and the tofu cat litter wrapped in poop can be flushed directly into the toilet, cat litter that can be flushed down the toilet, of course, you can’t pour a lot into the toilet at one time, otherwise it will clogged toilet. This feature is a boon for people who are tired of cleaning cat feces. This kind of tofu cat litter is so convenient to clean up.
  4. Tofu cat litter has almost no special requirements for cat litter boxes. In the cat litter box, of course, if you want to put it in an automatic litter box, such as litter-robot’s litter box, you need to order a special size.
  5. Tofu cat litter can be mixed with other cat litter. If you want to change cat litter, but you don’t want to waste the cat litter you have on hand, you can also choose to mix tofu cat litter in old cat litter. Save cat litter.
    Of course, this kind of tofu cat litter is not perfect cat litter. It also has some shortcomings, such as:
  6. The price of tofu cat litter is slightly higher, but it is not too expensive to need some economic capacity;
  7. Tofu cat litter needs to be replaced regularly in the whole pot, about 1 month, but the time is not fixed, it needs to be based on the actual situation.
  8. How to keep cat litter contained? It is easy to get damp in summer, due to the material, improper storage will cause worms. Especially in damp places, it must be kept dry, and the mouth of the cat litter bag should be tightly tied to prevent the cat litter from getting wet.
    Then, do you have a general understanding of this tofu cat litter?welcome your review.Contact


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